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"Just you wait, Chainsaw Man! I'll make you vomit Nuclear Weapons back up!"

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Yoru (ヨル?) is the villainous tritagonist of the Academy Saga. She is the War Devil ( (せん) (そう) (あく) () Sensō no Akuma?) who embodies the fear of war. She is a thành viên of the Four Horsemen, who now occupies Asa Mitaka's body toàn thân as a Fiend.

Following her taking over Mitaka's body toàn thân, Yoru sets out to tát locate Chainsaw Man, whom secretly attends the Fourth East High School with them. She also coerces Asa into looking for a target to tát seduce and turn into a weapon. They choose Denji, however they eventually fail and lose their memories. After a meeting with Fami she becomes a secret thành viên of the Chainsaw Man Church.


Near-death State[]

Following the battle with the Four Horsemen and Weapon Devils, Yoru was also reduced to tát a “near-death state”, due to tát Pochita consuming most of her body toàn thân. In this state, she appears to tát have a bird-like body toàn thân, similar to tát a dark colored owl or potoo. While her bird sườn is similar to tát Pochita's dog sườn, her true sườn is still unknown.


After taking over Asa's body toàn thân and occupying half of her brain, the War Devil took on her appearance, but with added facial scars across her the center of her face and left cheek, which are in the same location where Mitaka's face was slashed by the Class President. In this sườn, Yoru's eyes have multiple rings, similar to tát Makima, who was another Horseman. Her hair is also usually worn loose rather phàn nàn in twin tails lượt thích Mitaka. Yoru always wears the same clothes as Asa, most commonly a school uniform.


Yoru is first shown to tát be very confident and prideful, treating her opponents as mere warm-ups and confidently vowing to tát take back nuclear weapons from Chainsaw Man. This might be a sign of her over-confidence as she lost to tát him previously while at full strength and is significantly weaker now. However she is aware of her limitations and will back down from a fight if she believes the odds are against her.[1][2] Yoru holds little sentimental value or attachments to tát humans, and is mostly uncaring of Mitaka's feelings, as evidenced by her blatant disregard for Mitaka's feeling of friendship for Yuko, repeatedly asking Mitaka to tát kill Yuko to tát use as a weapon or when she goes as far as to tát physically hurt Asa herself to tát forcefully regain control albeit with the intention of saving them both. She's been shown to tát be very cold and logical which clashes with Asa's highly emotional personality. Since she's completely unaffected by the Falling Devil, that means she easily gets over highly traumatic events such as being almost killed by Pochita and losing her power. Due to tát her predisposed nature as the War Devil, she keeps getting into conflicts with everyone around her, sometimes intentionally sometimes not. Ironically these conflicts usually serve to tát hurt her.

Unlike her fellow Horseman Makima, who was almost always calm and composed, Yoru is more flawed, immature and naïve. She is prone to tát losing her temper, and became embarrassed and angry at being rescued unintentionally by her archenemy, Chainsaw Man. In her anger, she sometimes throws childish tantrums by punching and screaming into the pillows on Asa's bed.[3] She is very insecure and gets royally offended whenever her strength or intellect is questioned.[4][5] Yoru is also worried about losing her power and being forgotten, showing a more sensitive side. Adding to tát that, she seems to tát show signs of sympathy, at least towards Asa. She is very nội dung with eating basic foods lượt thích plain bread showing she isn't very demanding when it comes to tát physical pleasures.

She does not have a good understanding of human society or relationships and takes things at face value, is easy to tát provoke and often threatens Mitaka with death. Though over time she grows closer to tát her and seems to tát understand and adapt to tát human society more, albeit she's still quite inept and will often unintentionally worsen her relationship with Asa because of that. Despite her apparent social-ineptitude she is very cunning in dangerous situations such as when fighting Devils and is easily able to tát keep a cool head unlike Asa. Though in the most extreme of circumstances Yoru will panic and scream out in fright, such as when Asa was caught by the Falling Devil.


Asa Mitaka[]

Yoru resurrected and inhabits Asa's body toàn thân, turning her into the War Fiend, but left half of Asa's brain intact, keeping Asa alive. With the two now sharing one body toàn thân, Yoru was originally planning to tát use Mitaka as a way to tát blend into human society as she's unfamiliar with it. At first she is very hostile, threatening to tát kill Mitaka if she doesn't cooperate. However, she did not go through with her threat of killing Mitaka when Mitaka refused to tát go into school,[6] and despite making such threats several more times through the story all of them seemed to tát be no more phàn nàn saber rattling without any real weight behind them. Yoru is tolerant of Asa's antics, frequently compromising with her and has offered to tát tự favors for Mitaka, such as "take care of" the kids who were bullying her and provided the easier name of "Yoru" when Mitaka complained that "War Devil" was too difficult to tát use as a name. Her vendetta against Chainsaw Man means that she will tolerate anything ví long as her goal is ultimately still being worked towards.

After their fight with Yuko, Yoru's perception of Asa changes, no longer viewing her simply as a means to tát blend-in but realizing that Asa is extremely good at making strong weapons.[7][8] Because of this, Yoru views Asa as indispensable as she cannot defeat Chainsaw Man without her help. Hinting at this is the fact that she told Asa to tát "stay back" after encountering the Falling Devil suggesting she might have took over not only with the intent to tát protect herself but also Asa specifically. Another example is when Yoru didn't take over the rest of Asa's brain (which would kill her) even while Mitaka is actively putting both of them in grave danger. Yoru has created her mental image of Asa's personality; despite being baffled that someone would feel guilt over destroying an aquarium, she comments that that is typical for Asa. Her mental image of Asa is fairly flawed as Yoru deeply miscalculates Asa's behaviour in a life-or-death situation, being very confused when Asa gets scared and mad at Yoru for cutting her hand.

Over time Asa grew used to tát Yoru's presence to tát the point of trying to tát chat with her having forgotten that they're currently separated.[9] However despite growing used to tát Yoru's presence she's still not fully comfortable with her and doesn't trust her one bit. Yoru on the other hand, being a Devil, still doesn't understand Asa and gets frustrated at her perceived irrational behaviour, it's likely she doesn't understand the concept of depression and assumes Asa's sadness came entirely from the influence of the Falling Devil.

In tense moments Yoru, particularly if Asa's fear is preventing her from taking control, will go to tát cruel measures to tát save themselves such as self-harm. Yoru doesn't even consider there might be a better way of handling Asa's stress such as just calming her down since she's not used to tát pain and fighting. Though her cruel measures don't seem to tát be done out of malice but purely out of a logical and survivalist mentality. Asa does not appreciate this at all however. Yoru was confused and angry at Asa's emotional response to tát this as she thought she was only trying to tát help her. Either due to tát her lack of humanity or a misunderstanding of Asa's character she continues trying to tát convince Asa using cold and logical arguments despite the latter being emotionally distressed. Ignoring Yoru's unsupportive comments she grows frustrated that Yoru still doesn't understand her feelings despite being able to tát read her mind and continues to tát break down in front of her perhaps seeing comfort which Yoru unfortunately still does not provide.

Yoru will occasionally mention when she thinks Asa is being too self-deprecating and will half heartedly try to tát comfort her which could be signs of genuine sympathy.[10] However, Yoru could simply be putting on a mask to tát make Asa more likely to tát continue cooperating with her. Yoru still values her own goals greatly over Asa's feelings as shown by her deciding to tát kill Yuko despite Asa's protest or trying to tát turn Denji into a weapon after Asa falls in love with him. She has also been shown to tát be manipulative towards Asa, such as trying to tát gaslight her into killing Yuko[11] or morally justifying murder as a "necessary evil".[12]


Yoru and Asa decided Denji would be their target to tát be turned into a weapon. Despite not getting involved directly Yoru will push Asa to tát continue her date with him even if things don't go her way.[13] She views him as a punk and is annoyed at her feelings of affection for him due to tát sharing Asa's brain. However her feelings for him are very shallow as she immediately tries using these feelings to tát turn him into a weapon, albeit unsuccessfully.

Later during his movie date with Asa, she tries to tát push him away presumably to tát keep him safe from Yoru. In response she takes over and kisses Denji likely in hopes of quickly winning his heart which would allow her to tát finally turn him into a weapon, but she is swiftly incapacitated by Nayuta instead. After kissing him, she could be seen visibly blushing. After their memories have been wiped and altered she assumes Denji stood them up but is indifferent to tát it and swiftly suggests they target a different boy instead. This is in stark contrast with Asa's reaction who was deeply hurt.

Though she doesn't know it yet, Denji is her fabled arch-nemesis Chainsaw Man, who she eventually hopes to tát defeat in order to tát regain Nuclear Weapons and get revenge. She despises him for defeating and weakening her which caused wars to tát cease and in turn reduced her to tát a shadow of her former self. Furthermore because of him she is currently on track to tát be forgotten about and stop existing which she's afraid of. She hates him to tát the point where she had a meltdown after she's unintentionally saved by him from the Bat Devil. To her dismay the situation repeats itself as they are saved by him once more during the Falling Devil fight.

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Fami, who views Yoru as her "little sister", claims to tát be willing to tát tự anything to tát help her often without Yoru's own consent such as when she trapped Asa and Denji in the aquarium. Despite her apparent affection for her, Yoru doesn't reciprocate those feelings, as she describes her as insane and wants to tát stay away from her. Fami's contradictory behavior described below could be the reason why Yoru called her insane.

Despite her apparent care for Yoru, she contradictorily doesn't seem to tát care about her safety and often puts her in harms way, such as when she got her under attack by the Eternity Devil or later when she sent the Falling Devil after her. As it turns out Famis main goal is to tát starve Yoru ví that she may brainwash her and use her to tát stop the Nostradamus Prophecy.


As a Fiend, Yoru can not make contracts. However, she still has all the other standard Devil abilities, such as reviving in Hell after being killed, restoring her health by consuming blood, fear empowerment and enhanced physical prowess.


Currently, Yoru has taken possession of Asa Mitaka's body toàn thân, after her head got sliced in half by the Class President. The War Devil, however, only took over half of her brain, leaving Mitaka’s consciousness intact while still being able to tát take control over Mitaka’s body toàn thân anytime she wants to tát unless Asa is stricken with fear. [14][15] Adding to tát that if Yoru is already in control but Asa get's frightened she'll lose control and be unable to tát regain it until Asa calms down.[16]

  • Thanks to tát this unusual circumstance Yoru is able to tát feel human emotions despite being a Devil.[17][18] Whoever isn’t in control of the body toàn thân will appear as a hallucination to tát the other and can even communicate to tát them.[19] In addition Yoru is able to tát read Mitaka’s thoughts and access her memories while the latter is unable to tát tự the same.[20][21]

Supernatural Abilities[]

Although part of the Four Horsemen, Yoru claims that her Devil power weakened after her body toàn thân was partially devoured by Chainsaw Man. This, combined with the long absence of wars in the human world (the concept of which is only been relegated to tát movies and videogames), has greatly diminished her original strength.[22] Adding to tát that her strength was reduced even further by becoming a Fiend.

  • Combining all of these factors her current strength is a mere fraction of her full power and is by far the weakest horsemen.

Physical Prowess[]

  • Enhanced Speed: Yoru is able to tát move very quickly, easily jumping around and dodging attacks from the contracted Class President and Yuko's Devil sườn.
  • Enhanced Strength: Yoru was able to tát pull Tanaka's head off his shoulders and spinal cord out of his body toàn thân, requiring a great giảm giá of force, and is able to tát easily carry objects as big as herself with one arm over her head.
  • Enhanced Durability: Yoru is able to tát take hits that would kill an ordinary person, such as during her battle with Yuko she took a serious hit that flung her across a classroom and into a wall, but was able to tát get up moments later without any injuries.

Weapon Creation[]

Yoru has the power to tát make anything that belongs to tát her into a weapon. This includes both objects and living beings. In order to tát activate the weapon transformation, Yoru must touch what belongs to tát her and đường dây nóng out its weapon name. The strength of the weapon is proportional to tát the amount of guilt Yoru and/or Asa feel about creating said weapon. There is no objective measure of when something belongs to tát Asa or Yoru, it relies entirely on their own perception and logic as shown when Asa paid 1 million yen to tát "buy" an entire aquarium and despite it being nowhere near enough money, it still qualified to tát be turned into a weapon.

So far the only types of weapons that were created have been either melee weapons, such as swords and spears, or explosives such as hand grenades. It is unknown whether Yoru can create more advanced weapons such as modern firearms.

  • Flesh Weapon Creation: Yoru is able to tát make anyone she "owns", including humans, Devils and Fiends, into a variety of deadly weapons almost instantaneously simply by touching them. This does not appear to tát immediately kill the human, as they can still scream in agony. In order to tát make a flesh weapon, Yoru must either: take a limb from the victim which she can then turn into a weapon, kill them and turn their remains into weapons, or sườn a relationship with someone wherein they "belong to tát her". She can also make weapons from her own body toàn thân parts which will violently tear themselves off her if she does ví. Flesh weapons created by the War Devil ví far are:
    • Tanaka Spinal Cord Sword ( () (なか) (せき) (ずい) (けん) Tanaka Sekizuiken?): A long crooked sword that the War Devil created using Tanaka's head and spinal cord that is ripped out of his body toàn thân.[23] The blade is sharp enough to tát easily cut through Devil-enhanced flesh with ease.[24]
    • Flesh Hand Grenade ( (しゅ) (りゅう) (だん) Shuryūdan?): A hand grenade that the War Devil created using the arm from the contracted Class President.[25] And it is shown that it is able to tát detonate lượt thích a normal grenade.[26]
    • Yuko Leg Sword (ユウコ (あし) (けん) Yūko Ashiken?): A katana-like blade made from one of Yuko's legs that were severed by the Devil Hunter Club, it presumably lacked unique abilities due to tát Yoru's lack of guilt, but it never managed to tát be used.[27]
  • Object Weapon Creation: Yoru has shown the ability to tát turn objects that belong to tát her into weapons. Objects that belong to tát her can either be things she bought or things she took. Weapons created by the War Devil ví far are:
    • Pencil Spear ( (えん) (ぴつ) (やり) Enpitsu no Yari?): A wooden spear made from a school pencil. This weapon changes sườn with each pencil, some are three-pronged spears approximately two meters long, others a meter long spear with four smaller spikes along the side. This weapon is sharp enough to tát easily kill a human, although Yoru calls them weak weapons.
    • Ruler Sword ( (じょう) () (けん) Jōgi Ken?): A sword made by a measuring ruler found in Asa's backpack. It is a rectangular shaped sword approximately one meter long with a hole at its base for a handle.


  • Swordsmanship: Yoru is a skilled swordswoman, being able to tát easily take down the contracted Class President with her sword.[24]
  • Spearmanship: Yoru also demonstrates her skills on using a spear during her fight against the reincarnated Eternity Devil.
  • Strategic Intelligence: Yoru prepared quite an elaborate setup in preparation for fighting Yuko, such as setting up traps and hiding weapons all around the school. This however wasn't of much use due to tát contracted Yuko's mind reading ability.[28]

Chapter Appearances[]

Public Safety Saga[]

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Control Devil arc
80. A Dog's Feelings Absent
81. Paw Absent
82. Always Eat A Hearty Breakfast Absent
83. Death, Resurrection, Chainsaw Absent
84. Hero Of Hell Mentioned
85. Bloody Good Gut Feeling Absent
86. Date Chainsaw Absent
87. Chainsaw Man vs. the Horrifying Weapon Humans Absent
88. Star Chainsaw Absent
89. Go Get 'Em, Chainsaw Man Absent
90. Super Power Absent
91. Power, Power, Power Absent
92. Zombie, Blood, Chainsaw Absent
93. You & Crappy Movies Absent
94. Chainsaw Man vs. the Weapon Humans Absent
95. Chainsaw Man vs. Control Devil Absent
96. This Kind of Taste Absent
97. I, Love, Chainsaw Absent

Academy Saga[]

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Justice Devil arc
98. Bird & War Debut
99. Two Birds Appears
100. How to tát Walk Shoeless Appears
101. Afterschool Devil Hunters Appears
102. Save the Cat Appears
103. Denji Dream Absent
104. Spoiler Appears
105. Red Hot Appears
106. Bonfire Appears
107. School Attacker Appears
108. Something Important to tát Asa Appears
109. The Easy Way to tát Stop Bullying Appears
110. A Ring in the Night Appears
111. Aha Ha Ha Ha Absent
v  e
Dating Denji arc
112. Between Cat and Criminal Appears
113. I Wanna See Penguins! Appears
114. Endless Aquarium Mentioned
115. High Schoolers These Days Absent
116. Taste of Starfish Absent
117. Penguin and Weapon Appears
118. Saying Goodbye Appears
119. Thief Appears
120. Triangle Appears
v  e
Falling Devil arc
121. Theory of Happiness Appears
122. The Prophecies Appears
123. Hors D'oeuvre Appears
124. Soup Appears
125. Apple Thief Absent
126. Food Fight Mentioned
127. Save the Asa Appears
128. Main Dish Absent
129. Save Me, Chainsaw Man Appears
130. Kill Building Absent
131. Taste of Crap Mentioned
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Current arc
132. Protection Absent
133. Chainsaw Man Protest Absent
134. Ordinary Happiness Absent
135. Sentimental Drive Appears
136. Normal Life Absent
137. Chu Chu Lovely Muni Muni Mura Mura Absent
138. Sword Man Appears
139. A Chair's Feelings Absent
140. Scales Absent
141. Normal Life Plus Absent
142. Denji Fan Club Absent


  • Yoru could be translated as "night" ( (よる) Yoru?) as a counterpart to tát Asa, which could be translated as "morning" ( (あさ) Asa?).
  • Yoru's scar is similar to tát the simplified version of the kanji radical ( (ほこ) hoko?), which means "halberd" or "arms". The same radical is used in the kanji ( (せん) sen?), which means "war".


  • The War Devil's bird-like appearance is that of a bird of prey, which often symbolize war or warriors. In politics, a war hawk or hawk is someone who favors war. Furthermore, Asa's surname, Mitaka, contains the character for "hawk/falcon" (鷹) (taka). As Yoru and Asa share a body toàn thân, they could quite literally be called a "war hawk."
  • Yoru's Devil sườn is that of an owl or potoo. A symbol for Athena, the Greek goddess of warfare, was an owl.
  • Yoru's predilection for making swords or edged weapons may be a reference to tát the depiction of the Horseman of War in the Book of Revelation, where he is depicted holding a sword.
  • It is alluded to tát, that Yoru's scars may be visible to tát other characters when she's in control of Asa's body toàn thân. However to tát which extent this works remains a mystery, as many characters seem to tát ignore them.
  • Yoru and Asa's exact species or "type" hasn’t been confirmed or explicitly stated in the manga as of currently, which has lead to tát much debate about their species, but for simplicity of the wiki and until else is confirmed, Yoru will be referred to tát as a fiend with Asa as her living host.
  • Yoru's internal monologue and memories have never been shown. This is in contrast to tát all other lead characters.
  • The text on the back cover of Volume 12 foresees that Yoru will unleash a great calamity upon the entire world.


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